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Places I Want to Travel To

I was definitely inspired by Katie’s post that I decided to write one up as well.


My brother travels a lot. He’s privileged enough to land a job that does require frequent travel. He’s been to Saudi Arabia, Japan and plenty of cities in America.

I, myself, have only travelled to New York, New Jersey and Washington in America. We didn’t have that good of a tour guide either (my mum’s ex-boyfriend, ahem!), so I didn’t get to enjoy it as much as I should have.

And so, I have told myself to start planning out my vacations. I will save money and write out an itinerary and actually see places around the world.


I do have family that lives in Melbourne, so it would be nice for me to visit them. And maybe they can finally explain to me what the deal is with Vegemite?

JapanMy brother raved about his visit and he brought back the coolest souvenirs and sweets. I would love to get an authentic taste of their cuisine as well.

New YorkI think know I need to give NYC a do-over. I know there’s plenty of things the Big Apple has to offer. I want to order from a food truck, grab a hotdog and pizza and walk around like a real New Yorker.


4 thoughts on “Places I Want to Travel To

  1. I want to go to Japan and re-visit New York too! Almost for similar reasons. The last time I went to NY, I was with my parents and I was so little! I didn’t get to appreciate the city. A revisit is a definite must! Great post 👌🏾

    Pearl || thepearlylife.wordpress.com

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