Daily Life

Eid Weekend

We didn’t really have enough time to plan out the Hong Kong weekend, so off to Abu Dhabi, we were.

Abu Dhabi normally takes around two hours to get to from Dubai. So instead of taking that type of mileage on my car, I drove over to my cousin’s place at Discovery Gardens, and it was a forty minute drive from there on their car.

We stayed in Cove Rotana, Yas Island and it was a really beautiful hotel. We also managed to get a good price deal during Eid. And to our luck, we even got free upgrades for our rooms. Not too shabby.

I admit, I really need to work on my photography skills. I haven’t taken as much as I would like to work with on this post. The rooms were reasonably sized. I should have actually taken full advantage of the bath tub. I would love to take pictures next time for a full hotel room tour.

We didn’t really had much in our agenda. Most of it was centered around having a relaxing time, as most of them were returning to work after the weekend. We went to Yas Mall and met up with some of my mum’s friends.

The one thing I really did enjoy though was Rogo’s Restaurant in Yas Mall. You ordered off of tablets stationed in your table of choice. The menu was amazing, and I liked the fact that their were pictures of each menu item. That made it easy to choose which one I wanted, and showed what I should expect.


IMG_4053And the kicker: the food and most drinks are served to you from a roller coaster. I mean, how awesome is that?


Look at those rails! The delivery was speedy and so entertaining! I mean, how often can your food be served like this? I haven’t seen anything like this. And it’s fitting that this is in Yas Mall; we’re on Yas Island.

I went for my personal favourite: risotto topped with beets. Look how good that is! i plan to go back to Abu Dhabi before the month ends, just to give it another go.


IMG_7947.JPGI definitely gave them a good review. Look how funny this feedback card is.

The dinner service at Crowne Plaza was just good timing too: it was seafood night! My family’s a sucker for seafood.

At one point, we ransacked the oyster bar (my family and I are suckers for oysters). They could barely restock, as we were there in a matter of seconds.IMG_6030

Poor oysters didnt’t stand a chance against us 🙂


I am really looking forward to coming back here soon. And I will definitely be taking more pictures!


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