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Out with Mum

Just before the Eid holiday, my family was actually planning on going to Hong Kong for a few days. We decided to have a relaxing Friday beforehand then.

We had breakfast together, took a nap and went off to the mall towards the afternoon. Mum had her hair coloured and we had our nails done.

We always go to Sister’s Beauty Lounge in Mirdif City Centre. The staff are friendly and professional. Even before I wore my hijab, I would have my hair styled with crazy colours here, and they were tolerant of my preferences. The recent renovation left the place fabolous, and it’s close proximity to our home is a bonus.

I will probably write a separate post about their services. Though this is not sponsored, they are worth raving about.

We did some light shopping. Regardless of whether we’ll be in the Emirates or in Hong Kong, we bought clothing that’s airy and will let our skin breathe with the humid weather.

For iftar, we popped over to California Pizza Kitchen. It’s my favourite pizza place. If they served risottos, they will be the only restaurant I would go to.

Mum had this beautiful steak last time, and I decided to go with that option too. It was big, well done and just perfect.

She had their Chicken Piccatta; an easy fave and is our usual go-to dish here.

We ended things off with soothing green tea and went on home.

It was a good weekend, and made me realise how much I miss spending time with my mum. I will definitely plan out my schedule more, to spend days like this with her.


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