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The Prayer of `Ali (Repost)


I’ve recently found myself lucky to find such wonderful articles, stories and such literature online (Click here for the original post and click here for the Inspired Facebook page I found it on). And just in time too, as I’ve my final exams around the corner and I need all the encouragement I can get.

As a Muslim, praying 5 times a day is not only required, but necessary. I cherish every single adhaan I hear, reminding me to glorify Allah (SWT). However, whatever your religion may be, one way or another, we all find ourselves praying to our Lord in times of need, happiness and distress. And this short article from Jinan Bastaki has made me rethink the way I pray.

I hope it helps and guides you, as it has with me.

“When the time for prayer came, Ali (rA) would begin to shake and the color of his face would change. When he was asked, “What’s wrong?” he would reply, “The time has entered for a trust that was offered to the heavens and the earth and the mountains and they declined to bear it [33:72], and I undertook it.”

Their prayer differed from ours, because their feelings towards the prayer differed. Sometimes in prayer we have so much devotion and can feel every word; yet at other times it’s all about the ritual movements and nothing more. Yes, we love Allah and fear Him, we have hope in His mercy, but we just can’t seem to concentrate. Random thoughts pop into our mind: we remember where we put the key we lost, we start daydreaming about saving the world or what to have for dinner. All of this happens as soon as we raise our hands saying “Allahu Akbar” to commence our prayer. And these thoughts come to an end when we end our prayer.

Perhaps one thing that could encourage us to drown out these distractions is knowing that we only get rewarded for when our hearts are present. Is our prayer invalid when we get distracted? No, it is not invalid. But in terms of rewards for your prayer, it does make a difference.” ― Jinan Bastaki”


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